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5 Best Shoes for Weight Training and Cardio

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If you’re serious about your fitness routine and want to get the most out of every gym visit, a good pair of shoes is essential. At first glance, it might not seem like footwear would make much difference in terms of overall performance and results; however, studies show that wearing the right type of shoes can significantly improve workouts by providing better stability, improved shock absorption, and increased comfort. That's why we've rounded up the 5 best shoes for weight training and cardio for you to choose from - so you can stay safe, comfortable, and focused on crushing those workout goals!

1. Nike Metcon 8 Training Shoe

Nike's Metcon line of workout shoes has set the standard for responsiveness, minimal cushioning, and support in the fitness industry. The Metcon 8 is the most cutting-edge version yet, and it maintains the series' customary feathery weight and sleek profile. The outsole is low-profile for enhanced agility, but it still provides exceptional grip (even on rope climbs, thanks to a traction wrap on the arch). There's a flexible inner plate in the heel that helps with stability and weight distribution during heavy lifting but gives when you need to sprint or jump.

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2. Adidas Powerlift 5

These Adidas Powerlift 5s are great if you spend most of your time in the gym lifting. Standard features of weightlifting footwear include a high-density sole for optimum stability and a heel lift to promote proper posture. These are great for newer or less experienced weightlifters because of the slightly lower heel than other lifting shoes. There will be less sweat (and fewer blisters) after your workout thanks to the mesh upper, which is also extremely breathable.

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3. Nobull Trainer

If you have flat feet, the Nobull Trainer may be the best cross-training shoe you've ever worn. The shoes' sturdy sole and lightweight, flexible one-piece upper allow them to serve as either a foundation for heavy lifting or as a cushion for high-intensity lifts. In addition, we think they're some of the most stylish athletic shoes out there.

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4. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

In addition to being a popular choice among sneakerheads, fitness nerds secretly love Converse Chuck Taylors. If you've ever worn a pair of Chuck Taylors, you know that they have a snug, custom fit and a thin, sturdy outsole. Compared to regular sneakers, you'll have much more stability and a more authentic experience of the ground, making these ideal for weightlifting. They are cheaper than most gym shoes and can be used for high-intensity interval training (we've used them for boxing workouts).

5. Vibram Five Fingers KSO EVO

Vibram's Five Fingers KSO EVOs are an excellent choice if you incorporate treadmill sprints or jogging into your regular gym routine. The barefoot style may look strange, but it's the only shoe that can keep up with your running and weightlifting or other training needs. Since the Five Fingers shoes require you to use more muscle power and prevent you from stomping your feet on the ground, every runner we've spoken to who wears them has reported an increase in speed after using them for a while. When it's time to lift, your feet will feel completely flat on the floor, and there will be no cushion to obstruct the transfer of your weight's energy to the ground.

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Fitness Footwear Buying Advice

You should think about your typical workout routine before splurging on a new pair of gym shoes. You should get shoes that are appropriate for your chosen training regimen, be it primarily or primarily and exclusively weightlifting, cross-training, boxing, sprints, or a combination of these. How to pick the perfect pair:

  • Support: The best workout footwear is built to support your feet in a variety of ways. Shoes designed for weightlifting, for instance, often feature a raised heel to promote proper technique. CrossFit shoes, on the other hand, typically feature ankle support to keep the foot safe during quick, nimble activities.
  • Traction: When weightlifting or doing cross-training, a shoe with excellent traction is essential, but you don't need the same kind of knobby sole that you'd find on trail running shoes. Find a pair of gym shoes with treads specifically designed to grip rubber or concrete floors.
  • Cushioning: It is recommended that you do not wear running shoes to the gym because of the excessive padding they provide. By reducing the amount of padding between your feet and the floor, you'll be able to feel the ground beneath your feet and perform power exercises like squats with greater efficiency. When engaging in high-impact activities, however, a small amount of cushioning is desirable in cross-training footwear.

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Buying Shoes for Weight Training and Cardio


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There's bound to be a pair of shoes on this list that works for you, whether you're a lightweight minimalist or need the maximum amount of cushioning for your cardio and weight training. No matter what kind of exercise you do, these five options will help you feel at ease the entire time. Lastly, if you need an extra energy boost before your next gym session, don't forget about our delicious gummies! They provide an extra edge so you can reach your fitness goals quickly. So visit our website today to see how our gummies can help with energy, sleep, & stress.

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