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Farmers Carry: Benefits & Muscles Worked

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Are you looking for an efficient way to improve your strength and overall physical performance? The farmer's carry may be the answer. This increasingly popular exercise requires minimal equipment and is suitable for all skill levels, making it perfect for anyone striving towards their fitness goals. The farmer’s carry challenges to your cardiovascular system and total body strength by training the major muscle groups simultaneously - so get ready to reap some fantastic benefits from this great exercise! Read on to learn more about farmers' carry, what makes it effective, and the muscles working during this intense activity.

The Farmer's Carry

The farmer's carry, also known as the farmer’s walk, is a classic strength training exercise in which you must lug around a heavy object (like a bag, bucket, or kettlebell) for a set period. Weight plates, dumbbells, sandbags, or even just a few cans or bottles in a grocery bag can be used for this purpose. The trick is to find a challenge that won't be too taxing on your body.

Once you've decided what to carry, stand tall with your chest out and your shoulders back. Brace your lower body and actively engage your core. The next step is to pick up both ends of the load and move forward. Keep moving in the same direction until you've covered the entire planned distance (usually 10-15 meters).

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Benefits of the Farmer's Carry Exercise


Man carrying weights

Grip Strength & Core Stability 

One of the most important benefits of the farmer's carry is that it improves grip strength and core stability as you carry objects from one point to another. This can help you with other exercises, such as deadlifts or pull-ups, requiring more grip strength. Additionally, by engaging and strengthening the core muscles, you can improve your posture over time and reduce back pain associated with poor posture. 

Upper Body Strength 

The Farmer's Carry can also help build upper body strength as it engages several different muscles in the arms, chest, and shoulders, including biceps, triceps, deltoids, trapezius, and forearms. This makes it perfect for an upper-body workout without using any equipment whatsoever. Because this exercise requires no equipment, it can be done almost anywhere; you only need some space and something heavy to carry! 

Cardiovascular Health 

Although the farmer's carry is primarily used for building strength in the upper body muscles, it also has cardiovascular benefits as well. By increasing your heart rate while doing this exercise, you will be able to burn more calories than if you were lifting weights; plus, you will also get the bonus of working on your endurance.

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Muscles Used by the Farmer's Carry Exercise

The farmer's carry exercise is an excellent strength training tool for targeting key muscle groups. It primarily works the strength of the core muscles, along with the arms, back, trapezius, and shoulders. By continually carrying a weight in each hand during this exercise, your grip strength and foundations of strength are built incrementally over time. The use of dumbbells or kettlebells allows for adaptations in weight level as strength increases from performing this exercise, creating a beneficial full-body workout with increasing levels of intensity. Giving the farmer's carry a try adds a unique strength conditioning method to your strength training routine that cannot be replicated quite in the same way with any other type of strength training.

Get Started with Proper Form & Technique

To do this exercise, pick up two objects of equal weight, such as dumbbells or weighted buckets, hold them at one's side, and then walk for a set distance with good form, keeping your core tight and a tall posture throughout. Not only does this exercise build strength but also coordination and balance due to having both hands working together!

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Increasing Intensity of The Farmer’s Carry

Several steps can be taken to increase the intensity of this exercise. Increasing the amount of weight you carry or adding a set of resistance bands around your forearms will add additional strength resistance to your arms. Adding height to the path you walk also creates an incline and creative ways to increase directional changes as you carry weights on each side of your body. Ultimately utilizing these techniques can lead to more significant gains in strength and fitness progress.

How To Incorporate The Farmer’s Carry


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Incorporating the farmer's carry into your strength training regime can be a great way to challenge yourself and increase strength. However, it is essential to ensure that the move is executed safely, and the best way to ensure this is through proper form. Before lifting any weight, perform a few reps without anything in your hands and focus on keeping your feet shoulder-width apart and maintaining a straight posture with neutral hips. When you are ready to add weights, always start light - lighter than you think – and slowly progress as strength increases. Finally, be mindful of your distal to proximal strength balance; for instance, when focusing on grip strength, make sure also to work other areas such as legs, abs, and back for a balanced result.

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Understanding the Farmer’s Carry

The farmer's carry is an excellent and fun way to strengthen your whole body. In addition to assisting in the development of muscular strength and stability, it also enhances spinal alignment and motor control. Additionally, if you’ve ever experienced energy crashes or have struggled to get restful sleep, our dietary supplement gummies can provide the necessary support to keep your body in shape and keep you running throughout the day. So don't forget to visit our website to find out more about how we can help with energy, sleep, & stress.

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