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History of Crossfit

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CrossFit is an incredibly popular exercise routine, and it has taken the world by storm. But how did it get its start, and who created it? This blog post will answer that question and provide a brief history of CrossFit so that you can better understand the origins of this revolutionary fitness program. 

The History of CrossFit

CrossFit was founded in Santa Cruz, California, by Greg Glassman. He first developed his athletic skills as a youngster when he started training with dumbbells and barbells to increase his strength. Later on, he took up cycling to further challenge himself physically. With these experiences came a multidisciplinary approach to fitness that was based on a wide range of methods, which he would eventually use when training clients. 

Glassman settled in Santa Cruz and opened a fitness center there. He quickly became sought after as a personal trainer for the local police force. Unfortunately, due to demand, he had to switch from one-on-one training sessions to group classes incorporating his multidisciplinary approach instead. This eventually led him to develop what we now know as CrossFit - a full-body workout routine designed to increase strength, stamina, and flexibility while providing maximum results in minimum time with no equipment necessary. 

Since then, CrossFit has gained immense popularity both among professional athletes and everyday people looking for an effective way to stay fit. It is now used by millions around the world as their go-to method for keeping active and healthy. With its combination of intense workouts paired with functional movements that target multiple muscle groups at once, anyone can take advantage of this revolutionary fitness program regardless of age or experience level. 

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The CrossFit Timeline


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The Beginning: 2000-2007 

In 2000, Greg Glassman created Crossfit, and by 2007, there was already a formal competition. Crossfit's meteoric rise in popularity can be traced back to this competition, which exposed the sport to a wider audience. Crossfit's growth and popularity were aided not only by competitions but also by strategic alliances with established brands like Reebok.

Growth Years: 2008-2015 

Crossfit's popularity skyrocketed between 2008 and 2015 as athletes from a wide variety of backgrounds gave it a try. During this time, competition prize money rose, allowing more athletes to participate at a higher level. While the top prize at a competition was only $500 in 2008, it had increased to $30,000 for male competitors by 2015 and $15,000 for female competitors by the same year. Many fitness centers started providing CrossFit-specific courses during this time, with instruction centered on Olympic weightlifting and bodyweight exercises like pull-ups and handstand push-ups. Anyone curious about trying out this form of physical activity could quickly and easily locate a gym close by where they could work with knowledgeable trainers.

Present Day: 2016 - Present 

Nowadays, there are more than 15 million people worldwide participating in some form or another of CrossFit training each year. The popularity has continued to grow due largely in part to social media platforms such as Instagram which allows people from all different backgrounds to share their experiences with others who are interested in learning about how they can benefit from exercising using functional movements like those used during CrossFit workouts. Additionally, the increase in prize money offered at events helps promote top-level athletes while inspiring newcomers to pursue excellence within their training regimens so they can eventually reach their own goals.

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Why CrossFit Grew in Popularity

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CrossFit has gone from being a niche exercise program to one of the most popular methods of fitness. What is it about this workout that has made it so popular?

Crossfit is Actually Effective and Functional 

CrossFit's primary focus is on functional movements, which are those that simulate real-world activities like carrying groceries. These practical exercises enhance functional physical characteristics like strength, flexibility, mobility, and stability. Plus, it includes compound movements like squats and deadlifts, which train multiple muscle groups simultaneously. In comparison to regular workouts, this one allows you to burn more fat and gain more muscle in less time. Therefore, CrossFit appeals to those who wish to exercise their entire bodies and see results rapidly.

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Scoreboards Encourage Healthy Competition 

The use of scoreboards during CrossFit workouts is another big draw for participants; people compete against themselves as well as against others in the class. This encourages them to push themselves beyond their comfort zones and reach new levels of fitness they previously thought were unattainable. Plus, scoreboards can be motivating since they provide tangible feedback on how much progress you’ve made over time—which can be incredibly rewarding when you see your numbers go up!

Workouts are Constantly Interesting and Challenging 

CrossFit workouts are designed to keep the user constantly challenged by adding different exercises each day or week. This encourages users to stay engaged in their workouts because they never get bored doing the same routine over and over again; instead, they're kept excited by trying something new every time they come in! Plus, with certified coaches guiding each class, participants feel safe knowing there's someone there watching out for their form while still helping them push themselves further than ever before.  

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Trying CrossFit

Crossfit was founded in Santa Cruz, CA by Greg Glassman over two decades ago out of necessity - because he simply couldn't take on any more one-on-one clients! Since then it has become an incredibly popular exercise routine around the world due to its effectiveness in providing maximum results with minimal effort - no equipment necessary! It's no wonder why Crossfit has become such an influential part of our fitness culture today! So if you are looking for an effective way to stay healthy and active, then give Crossfit a try.

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