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Snatches Workout

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Do you need a change in your normal gym routine? The snatch is a fantastic total-body move that you should try immediately. In a single efficient movement, you can improve your strength, power, flexibility, and explosiveness, and speed up your fat loss with the snatch. Continue reading to learn how a snatch workout can help you get in shape.

What are Snatches?

Snatches are a type of movement in weightlifting and strength-building. They involve explosively raising a barbell from the floor up to the shoulders in one motion. The health benefits of snatches are numerous; for example, they work muscles across your entire body - including your back, legs, and arms - and train you to use explosive power. They also develop hip drive, help build coordination and balance, and strengthen stabilizer muscles such as in the core. With practice and dedication, snatches can be an effective way to become physically and mentally stronger while having fun!

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Benefits of Snatches


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Snatches are a great compound exercise that helps you develop strength and stability rapidly by working many muscle groups at once. Now, let's examine the specific advantages of snatches training.

Improved Strength & Balance 

Snatches involve both pulling and pushing movements which help develop strength in all major muscle groups in the body. This is beneficial for any kind of athletic performance as it develops balance throughout the body, allowing you to lift heavier weights or perform more intense exercises with better form.  Furthermore, snatches help strengthen your core by activating stabilizing muscles that don’t get worked during most traditional exercises.  

Increased Power Output & Endurance 

The explosive nature of snatches also increases power output which is important for sports such as sprinting or jumping. The dynamic nature of the exercise also helps build muscular endurance so you can go longer without fatigue setting in. This is great for activities like running or cycling where endurance is key to success. Additionally, snatches challenge your coordination and agility which will make you a more well-rounded athlete overall.  

Full Body Workout 

As mentioned before, snatches involve pushing and pulling movements that work all major muscle groups simultaneously. This helps increase overall muscle mass more quickly than doing isolated exercises like bicep curls or triceps extensions alone. Additionally, since snatches target multiple muscle groups, they require you to use more energy than other exercises meaning they burn more calories per movement as well.

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Variations of Snatches

There are many variations of the snatch you can use to target different muscle groups and increase your overall fitness level. 

Hang Snatch 

The hang snatch is a great way to practice the explosive motion of the snatch without relying too heavily on your back or legs. To do a hang snatch, start with the barbell at mid-thigh level—you can use either an overhand or underhand grip here—and then explosively pull it up with your arms until you reach full extension overhead. Make sure to keep your chest up throughout the movement to ensure proper form. This variation of the snatch will help you build strength in your lats and shoulders. 

Power Snatch 

The power snatch is another popular variation of the snatch where you focus on moving the barbell from mid-thigh level all the way overhead as quickly as possible. This variation targets more upper body muscles than other variations since it requires more arm strength to move the barbell quickly from mid-thigh level to overhead. This variation also helps improve coordination and balance while strengthening your entire body at once. 

Overhead Squat 

The overhead squat is a great way to work on both mobility and stability while building strength in your quads and core muscles. To do an overhead squat correctly, start with a wide grip on either side of the barbell then lift it above your head until it’s locked out straight over your head with both arms fully extended. From there, drive through your heels as if you were doing a regular squat while engaging your core muscles to keep yourself upright throughout the entire movement. Keep in mind that this variation requires good mobility for it to be done correctly so make sure you practice proper form before attempting heavier weights.  

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Dangers of Performing Snatches


crossfitter performing a snatch exercise

Snatches are an excellent strength-training movement, but they pose a risk if not performed properly. This is because the snatch calls for a great deal of skill and coordination, not to mention correct form, all of which can be challenging to master.

Potential Injuries Caused by Snatches 

The most common injuries caused by snatches are shoulder impingement, lower back strain, and bicep tendonitis. Shoulder impingement occurs when a lifter fails to keep their elbows down during the lift or uses too much weight for their current level of ability. Lower back strain can occur when a lifter does not keep their spine neutral throughout the lift or fails to engage their core muscles sufficiently before starting the movement. Bicep tendonitis occurs when a lifter tries to move too quickly through the exercise with bad form or incorrect shoulder positioning. 

Avoiding Injury Through Proper Form & Technique 

To avoid injury when performing snatches, it’s important to focus on proper form first and foremost. This means keeping your elbows down during the lift and engaging your core muscles before starting each rep. Additionally, make sure you are using a weight that is appropriate for your current level of strength and fitness so that you don’t risk overloading your muscles or joints during the exercise. Finally, take time during each workout session to practice proper technique with lighter weights until you feel comfortable enough with the correct form before adding more weight or speed into the equation.

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Performing Snatches

Snatches are an incredibly versatile exercise that offers numerous benefits to healthy people and fitness enthusiasts alike! They can help improve coordination, balance, strength, power output, and muscular endurance while still providing a full-body workout. So if you’re looking for an effective way to take your workouts up a notch then give snatches a try today.

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