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What Is the Crossfit Open

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Are you curious about what exactly is the Crossfit Open? Whether you’re an experienced athlete or a first-timer, the Crossfit Open can be an exciting and rewarding challenge. Here at HUMBLEROOTS Performance, we want to arm you with all the information you need about this unique competition so that you can test your strength, endurance, and skill in a totally new way! With our help, even newcomers to CrossFit can learn how to compete in the event with confidence and enthusiasm—from understanding what it entails and planning for success, to showing up on game day ready to give your best performance.

What is The CrossFit Open?

The CrossFit Open is an annual event hosted by CrossFit, Inc., where athletes from all over the world compete against each other for 5 weeks. Each week, a different workout is released on Thursday night. Athletes have 4 days to complete the workout in front of a judge at their affiliate or film it and submit a link as proof. After submitting your score online before 8 p.m. EST on Monday, your score will be compared to every participant around the world who has registered for that week's workout. This makes it easy to see where you stand against all of your fellow competitors and compare yourself across different age divisions and gender categories. 

During the course of the competition's five weeks, more than 272,000 athletes aged 14 to 86 from all over the world will compete against one another. Even though it's required for CrossFit Games qualification, most people join because it sounds like a lot of fun. Let's take a closer look at the unique qualities of this event and why it's garnered so much attention around the world.


The Basics of The Open

There is no minimum age or required level of fitness to participate in the Crossfit Open. Five new routines are unveiled every year, each one lasting a full week. Athletes must record their performance for each exercise on a website and will be given a percentile ranking based on how they fared compared to other athletes in their age group and region. This provides a benchmark against which they can assess their standing relative to regional peers and top-tier competitors anywhere in the world. This not only helps them see where they stand in comparison to their friends, but it also encourages them to keep working hard to beat last week's workout record.

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The Benefits of Participating in The Open


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The benefits of taking part in the CrossFit Open are manifold. Those who have only ever competed on a local or regional level will find it a remarkable opportunity to measure their performance against that of athletes from all over the world. Training sessions afterward can then be tailored to address specific areas that were identified as needing improvement based on their performance during the exercise. In conclusion, it can be a truly uplifting experience to be a part of such a vast global community where everyone strives for the same things.

What Are The Requirements? 

Anyone can participate in the CrossFit Open regardless of skill level or experience with CrossFit—all you need is $20, which goes towards registering for the competition. You don't even need to be a member of a local box; you can complete workouts either in front of a certified judge or film them yourself with video evidence that you submitted online via games.crossfit.com/open/. All scoring must be completed by 8 p.m. EST on Monday of each week and videos must be officially approved before they are considered valid scores in official competition results (which are posted weekly).  

How Do I Get Started? 

To get started with the Open, register at games.crossfit.com/open. Once registered, follow along with updates from games.crossfit.com and watch for new announcements about upcoming events as well as rule changes throughout the duration of the competition. Additionally, if you do choose to sign up for one of their affiliated boxes, make sure that your box has officially registered for The Open so that it can be part of this global movement. Finally, don’t forget: practice often, stay consistent, focus on form, and have fun!  

The CrossFit Open: Scaled vs. RX

Last year's introduction of a scaled option allows all athletes at every level to participate, providing lighter weights and modified movements as needed. Scaled workouts in the Open are comparable in time and volume but allow you to challenge yourself within your own standards. Whether you opt for RX or scaled based on the release of each workout, take the chance to fulfill your health goals and challenge yourself - health and fitness is all about taking great care of your physical, mental, and emotional health after all!

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Should You Sign Up for the CrossFit Open?

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If you're looking to test your progress and set goals, then signing up for the CrossFit Open is an excellent way to do just that! Though it’s a great way to compete with others and get more into the workouts than ever before, keep in mind this can also be an opportunity to challenge yourself. Not only that but being a part of the CrossFit community during this time is filled with excitement, as attendance soars and people form strategies on how to succeed or just cheer one another on. Knowing that you have something in common with other health-conscious individuals can be a real bond too. Even if you don’t take first place in the CrossFit Open, you’ll still gain experience and benefit from it health-wise.  

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Considering the Crossfit Open

Since its inception nine years ago, the CrossFit Open has attracted hundreds of thousands of dedicated athletes from all over the world. It's unlike anything else out there because not only can competitors measure themselves against the best in the world, but they can do so in the context of a truly global event with others who share their interests in health and fitness. You should join right away if you're in the mood for a fresh and challenging experience. The possibilities are endless!


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